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1. What is your gender?

2. What is your age?

3. Which best describes your household?

* 4. What church do you attend?

* 5. In what capacity do you currently relate to the church you are referencing in this survey? (If you check "non-attending community member, please answer only the questions for which you have information, either directly or indirectly.)

* 6. In my church I have the opportunity to do things that I both do well and enjoy.

* 7. I am fully engaged with my church.

* 8. There is a clear connection between the music, scripture, liturgy and the message during our worship time.

* 9. The preaching at my church is motivational, spiritual and educational.

* 10. Aside from family members, I have at least one close friend at Church.

* 11. I am provided opportunities to be actively engaged in shaping the discipleship plan of our church

* 12. I have encouraged someone to attend my church.

* 13. People are motivated to contribute to the success of our church.

* 14. I feel like others recognize me when I am in church or at a church event.

* 15. In my church I am encouraged to reach out to and welcome all people.

* 16. I am involved in my church in ways that allow me to share my gifts and talents in meaningful ways.

* 17. I am highly committed to and energized by my giving and stewardship within my church.

* 18. I am satisfied with my church involvement.

* 19. I feel great pride in being a part of my church.

* 20. I consider myself accountable to our churches discipleship plan.

* 21. I am continuously seeking ways to grow my faith and improve my spiritual life.

* 22. I have personally invited someone to church who is different than my own demographic (i.e. age, socio-economic class, gender, race, culture)

* 23. I have publicly recognized the gifts of others in the past month.

* 24. I have been equipped with the training, resources, encouragement and support needed to thrive as a leader in the church.

* 25. I look forward to coming to my church.

* 26. I believe that tithing is an act of worship.

* 27. I am aware of and can recite our church's mission statement.

* 28. My church offers in-depth bibles study opportunities.

* 29. My pastor cares about me as a person.

* 30. The members of my church regularly share personal stories of how giving has enriched their lives.

* 31. My church leader recognizes me for acts of service and ministry well done.

* 32. My church has a discipleship plan for how we live out our vision.

* 33. I trust my church leader(s).

* 34. I believe in the mission of my church.

* 35. Our church goes beyond our comfort zone to reach the broader mission field.

* 36. My church leader(s) motivates me to include others in our worship and in the life of the church.

* 37. In the past three months, my church leaders have discussed the church's successes and progress.

* 38. My church leader(s) provide(s) me with spiritual and biblical foundations which encourage me to take stands on public policy

* 39. Our church prays regularly and teaches its members to pray regularly.

* 40. My church offers small group opportunities devoted to spiritually developing its members.

* 41. I feel great pride in the ministry team (group/committee) of which I am a part.

* 42. There is a clear theme in each of my church's worship experiences.

* 43. Our church has opportunities for inter-generational activities.

* 44. Our church actively seeks to include people of all ages in our worship.

* 45. My church leader teaches tithing as a way of life.

* 46. My church has celebrations and opportunities to learn about other cultures.

* 47. Quality relationships are valued across our church.

48. Our church has a plan for how we fund our discipleship plan.

* 49. I feel my church is a great fit for me.

* 50. I like the music at my church.

* 51. My church aligns all of its goals and work with its mission statement.

* 52. I believe it is my job to welcome people who come to my church.

* 53. My church does a good job of training and using ushers and greeters.

* 54. My church has a genuine concern and interest for the broader community.

* 55. I would recommend my church to a friend as a great place to attend.

* 56. My church is a spirit filled community.

* 57. My church reaches out to those who are different from "us".

* 58. I can name at least one of the goals of my church for this year.

* 59. I am provided opportunities to learn about risk-taking mission.

* 60. I have many opportunities to grow spiritually in my church.

* 61. A child could explain our mission statement.

* 62. My church practices radical hospitality at every service and event.

* 63. My church leader encourages my involvement in social justice concerns in our community and world.

* 64. As a member of my church, I know what is expected of me.

* 65. My church effectively aligns our activities with making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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