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1. Do you use visual effects and CGI in any of the work you produce?

2. If so do you film a specific way for these elements?

3. Do you hire visual effects/CGI specialists to help with the filming aspects which will require post production work?

4. Do you have in house visual effects artists who help with the filming process?

5. Should filming techniques for visual effects and CGI integration become a fundamental part of University Media Production courses?

6. Do you feel students have the relevant skill base for working in industry?

7. How much of your work as some form of visual effects or CGI added to them in post production in %

8. Do you use a green screen in any of your production work?

9. If yes in % how much of your work requires some sort of green/chroma screen work?

10. Would it make a candidate more appealing to your company if they had knowledge of filming for green screen and visual effects and CGI integration?