Business Insider's Unsung Heroes 2012 Survey

We want to celebrate the unsung heroes of Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, and the rest of the tech sector. Nominate someone who's not a founder, CEO, or investor—someone who did amazing work in 2012 and deserves credit.

* 1. Who's your unsung hero?

* 2. Where does this hero work?

3. How do you know this person?

* 4. What did he or she do in 2012? Be as specific as possible and spell out what his or her efforts accomplished. (Note: For the purpose of this story, we're looking for work accomplishments, not nonprofit or public-service efforts outside work.)

5. Do you have a photo of this person to which you have the rights—one that either you personally took or one you have permission to use? (By submitting a photo, you grant Business Insider permission to publish it.) Please give the Web address or URL to the image (for example, a Flickr page, a Dropbox link, or other online resource).

6. Where can we get more information about this person online—for example, a LinkedIn profile?

7. Has this person been written about anywhere, as far as you know? (It's not a deal-killer, but we'd like to know.)

8. If so, where has this person been written about? (Include a link or name of publication.)

9. Can you share an email address for this person in case we want to verify information?

10. What's your name? (Leave blank to submit anonymously.)

11. And can you share an email address for yourself in case we have more questions?