1. Are you part of the Pure Battlefield community already? (Either visit Teamspeak sometimes or play on the server or get involved with the Subreddit.)

2. Have you ever attended a Community Event Before? If yes Please tick which ones.

3. Which of these have you enjoyed most?

4. How would you rate the organizational side of BaconBagel's Event's?

5. Which of these events will you be likely to attend?

6. Do You Look at the rules before the event starts?

7. Are you more likely to attend BaconBagel's community events with the new set of guidelines? (Must read rules, be co-operative, no client side mods unless specified)

8. Is there anything you would like to add? (in terms of how BaconBagel can improve his events)

9. Do you have any sugestions for future events which BaconBagel should Organize for you? (Please give you Battelog name so I can give you credit.)