Land Trust Alliance 2014 Policy Priorities Survey

1. Help Set Land Trust Alliance Policy Priorities for 2013

The Land Trust Alliance is focused on helping you meet your conservation goals by ensuring that our policy priorities align with those of your organizations’ and your actual usage of federal funding and incentives. At the beginning of each year the Alliance’s Board of Directors sets land trust policy priorities based on input received from land trust members.

Our memo ( outlines the following proposed federal priorities for 2014:
1. Defend federal tax benefits for land trusts and their donors
2. Maximize land trust access to Farm Bill funding
3. Defend federal funding for LWCF, NAWCA, Forest Legacy and Section 6
4. Improve IRS Administration of the rules governing conservation donations
5. Help land trusts create state and local funding for land conservation

You can also share your opinion in person at Rally 2013 –Workshop D-16 "Public Policy 2013 Update and 2014 Forum" on Thursday, September 19, 8:30am - 10:00am or via our live Policy Priorities Forum Webinar at 3:00pm ET on October 15:
1. Which of these priorities should be the highest priority for the land trust community? Why?
2. Which of these priorities should be the lowest priority for the land trust community? Why?
3. Are there other issues or specific interests within these issues that we should prioritize?
4. What programs and incentives are important to your land trust? (Check all that apply)
Benefit directly or as a partnerInterested/Want to learn moreNot Interested
Enhanced federal income tax deduction
Other federal tax incentives (estate, S-corp, etc)
State tax credits or incentives
Farm Bill Ag Land Easements (FRPP/GRP)
Farm Bill Wetlands Easements (WRP)
Other Farm Bill programs (EQIP, CREP, etc)
Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
Forest Legacy Program (FLP)
North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA)
Endangered Species (Section 6 Grants)
Other Federal Appropriations (SWG, REPI, etc)
Funding from a state or local ballot measure
Other state funding
Other local funding
Mitigation funding
Other (please specify below)
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