New House Staff Evaluation

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If you answer any survey questions with "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree" please add a comment to explain.
1. Course met learning objectives:
1. Practice: Entering & retrieving data in StarPanel
2.Practice: Entering and editing orders in HEO
3. Recognize: Value of decision support tools
4. Practice: Electronic prescription via Rx-Star
5. Practice: Radiology results via IMPAX system
6. Differentiate: Inpatient and clinic workflows
2. Length of the course was satisfactory.
3. Instructors were knowledgeable.
4. Instructors explanations added value to my learning.
5. Practice sessions were helpful in allowing me to meet the objectives.
6. Enough time was dedicated to practice.
7. Computers and systems (HEO/Wiz, StarPanel) allowed me to complete the class activities.
8. Training was easy to follow and organized.
9. This training will be useful in my daily job.
10. A 3 month post-training survey will be sent to you via email. After 3 months in the clinical areas, will you complete the survey and give us feedback for improvement to the training?
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