Feedback on Style Gallery

Hi, there!

We hope you’ve had a chance to give our new Style Gallery a spin, upload a photo or two, and seize some style inspiration from our community.

Now, we’d love to hear what you think of it! The survey should only take a few minutes – promise.

Your fab feedback will help us make important updates and improvements to this feature. Thanks for participating!

Your Friends at ModCloth
1. How likely are you to recommend the ModCloth Style Gallery to a friend?
2. What did you like best about this feature?
3. What's not working like you think it should?
If something's not working correctly, it could be a bug! Tell us what's happening.
4. What could make the ModCloth Style Gallery better?
Is there anything missing?
5. How satisfied are you with
1 Not at all satisfied23 Neutral45 Extremely satisfied
The loading speed
How intuitive it is
How easy it is to shop
How easy it is to upload a photo
The quality of the photos
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