New Blog Site Location (for Noah Coad's Blog)

1. (just one page)

Hello, this is Noah Coad and I'm moving my blog to its own permanent location and would appreciate your input. thanks
1. Which new blog address do you think is best?
2. Which blogging tool is better?
3. Comments, other ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc?
4. Totally optional here, but if you don't mind sharing your name it helps to know who's making the recommendation. (email helps to confirm, but again totally optional)
A little more context... if I used the blog title would be "Know-a-Code" so it'd be phonetic and it's own 'brand' (w subtitle "Noah Coad's Stream of Consciousness"). If using WordPress I'd used hosted WordPress, probably from With BlogEngine.Net I'd host it, with the idea of occasionally writing plugins. okay, that's it, thanks
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