Yolo Child Support Services Budget Survey

We would like your input into ways to deal with the county budget shortfall. While Child Support will likely not have to layoff staff next year; we have decreased our workforce by 40 employees over the past 5 years. Your help in identifying ways to serve you more efficiently is appreciated. Please answer any questions you can.
1. What are the most important things we do?
2. Do you see ways we can do these important things differently in the current fiscal climate?
3. Are there things we should or could stop doing? Please describe.
4. How will you, our customers be affected if we stop?
5. If you are an outside agency, are there things we do well that we could do for other departments or outside agencies which would increase revenue and strengthen our department?
6. If you are an outside agency, are there others (e.g. another department, another county, community organization) who could do some of the things we do instead of us?
7. If you are an outside agency, do you see other partnership opportunities that we should consider?
8. What do we need to implement the above ideas?
9. Please describe any other ideas you have to streamline our services.
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