LGUSL 2014 Tryout Registration Form


Thank you for registering for tryouts for one of Los Gatos United’s competitive teams in age groups U8 through U14. U15 and older age groups will have trials next year following completion of the high school season.

Please register for the age groups that your candidate competed in this past fall. These same age designations will be used next spring. Ages do not change until the fall. Thus, a player that played U10 this past fall will register for U10 tryouts.

If you are registering Friday for a weekend tryout, or for an age group that has already completed one or more tryouts sessions, please email both Steve White (smwhite@sbcglobal.net) and Kelly Gray (kelly@kgsacademy.org) to make sure your player gets properly added for consideration. Thank you.

Candidates must attend at least one tryout session.

Candidates are responsible for identifying the appropriate age group to attend. Carefully review the birth dates in question #1 below to verify the age group to which the candidate is applying. Every year, we have a player attend the wrong tryout dates. We cannot scheduled additional sessions. Please make sure that is not you this year.

Unless otherwise noted, all tryouts will occur at the Creekside Sports Park, located at 930 University Avenue in Los Gatos. Parking is limited on site. Excess parking exists above the park.

The dates and times for the trial sessions are as follows:

Tryout 1
Age Group Day Time
U14 Sat. Dec. 7 8-9:30am
U13 (Boys) Sat. Dec. 7 10-11:30am
U13 (Girls) Wed. Dec 4 3:30-5:00pm
U12 Sat. Dec. 7 12-1:30pm
U11 Sun. Dec. 8 8-9:30am
U10 Sun. Dec. 8 10-11:30am
U9 Sun. Dec. 8 12-1:30pm
U8 Sun. Dec. 8 2-3:30

Tryout 2
U8 Mon. Dec. 9 3:30-5pm
U9 Mon. Dec. 9 3:30-5pm
U10 Tues. Dec. 10 3:30-5pm
U11 Tues. Dec. 10 3:30-5pm
U12 Wed. Dec. 11 3:30-5pm
U13 (Boys) Wed. Dec. 11 3:30-5pm
U13 (Girls) Sat. Dec. 7 3-5:00pm (Stanton Field - Santa Clara University)
U14 Thurs. Dec. 12 3:30-5pm

Tryout 3
U8 Sat. Dec. 14 8-9:30am
U9 Sat. Dec. 14 10-11:30am
U10 Sat. Dec. 14 12-1:30pm
U11 Sun. Dec. 15 8-9:30am
U12 Sun. Dec. 15 10-11:30am
U13 (Boys) Sun. Dec. 15 12-1:30pm
U13 (Girls) Sun. Dec. 8 3:30-5:00pm
U14 Sun. Dec. 15 2-3:30

Please note that U15 and older tryouts will occur following the high school season, e.g., early Spring 2014. Please contact coaches for more information.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
1. What is the birth date of the player registering for LG United's competitive trials?
2. Spring 2014 Playing League Age Group (Fall 2014 age groups will be one year older, e.g., U12 for Spring 2014 will be U13 in Fall of 2014).
3. Gender
4. Player's first name?
5. Player's last name?
6. Parent name
7. Alternative guardian contact identity (optional)
8. Primary email contact address (this address will be used to notify families of tryout results.  If none, please list "none" and include a telephone number in response to Question No. 9).
9. Secondary email address (if applicable).
10. Primary telephone contact number (please list area code)
11. Secondary telephone contact number (please list area code)