Alcoa Warrick Operations - Grant Concept

This year, the Alcoa Foundation has two theme areas - Environment and Education. For the Environment, projects should bring about meaningful and systematic improvements in environmental sustainability through support for research, dialogue, standards and actions. For the education theme, the Foundation makes investments in educational and training endeavors where Alcoa, as a mining, manufacturing and innovation company, can offer our expertise and make a difference.

Concept papers must be submitted via this online form prior to May 23, 2012. The leadership at Alcoa Warrick Operations will conduct an internal review and then consult with its Community Advisory Board. Those organizations selected to progress to the next stage in the grant-making process will be notified in late June.
1. Organization Name
2. Demographic Information
3. Amount requested from Alcoa Foundation
4. Are you seeking multi-year funding for the amount requested from Alcoa Foundation
5. Total budget for the project for which funding is requested
6. Project Start Date
Date you expect to begin using the proposed grant funds to work toward the project results
7. Project End Date
Date by which you expect to obtain the described project results
8. Provide a brief description of the project for which you seek support, including the overall goal of the project, use of Alcoa Foundation funds, total anticipated number of people or places to be served and geography served by the project. Limit your description to no more than five sentences.
9. What is your organization's mission and vision?
10. As a result of your efforts, what has your organization achieved in the past three years that most relates to the project for which you seek Alcoa Foundation support?
11. Please select ONE Alcoa Foundation result to which the proposed project contributes
Foundation Focus Area (One choice only)
12. What are the specific results you expect to achieve for those you serve and by when would those results be achieved?
13. List other committed funders for this program and include the amount of their commitment during the grant period described in this application
14. What is your communications strategy for this project?
15. If applicable, what opportunities are there for volunteer engagement?
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